SOUL THEORY covers three aspects of the soul: the study (Psychology), adventure (Travel), and textual expression (Literature) of the soul.

It’s my hope that readers, psych enthusiasts, and nomads with perpetually itchy feet  would find some interesting insights about this range of topics through my writing, and also have fun joining me in my journey to discover new things about the world—both inner and outer.



IMG_20140110_220406-1Raydon L. Reyes reads a lot and dreams a lot. His fiction has been published in the sci-fi anthology Diaspora Ad Astra, the New York-based gay literary journal Chelsea Station100 Word Story, Philippines GraphicThe Varsitarian, and Dapitan Literary Journal. His poetry has been featured in the Hong Kong-based Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Philippines Graphic, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Paper Monster Press. He was an English Poetry fellow of the UST (University of Santo Tomas) Writers’ Workshop in 2010.

His feature, travel, and review articles can be found in magazines in Manila such as Status Magazine, Expat Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, Fudge Magazine, Health Today Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Homestyle Magazine, among others.

He is currently finishing his Master’s in Applied Social and Cultural Psychology in De La Salle University, Manila.

Contact him at raydon.reyes@gmail.com

Banner image designed by Matt Hebrona

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